divendres, 7 de juny de 2013



First of all the plane is a good invention for travel to the far far away places.

In the prehistory the peapole want to fly. in the Ancieent Grecie there are a legend and that it talk’s the human igor was flew. By XV century Leonardo da Vinci was desing a frist plane. The first flight was in ballon but it was lighter than air. But the most important change was :”invent a machine more heavier than air and make it’s machine fly” . and in 28th agust of 1883 makes it possible!!! Jhon J Mongomery was the first person of fly in the machine more heavy than the air and control these machine.
Fitxer:Hawk hangglider Pilcher.jpgThe years were passing than in 1905 was invented a plane how get trouble 25 milles in 30 minuts.
And for finish in 1939 was invented the plane we know these days and we use to trouble to other sites far far away.

dijous, 25 d’abril de 2013


C U 2MOROW IN PRK  - Cee you tomorrow in the park
B CARE4L WTH MY JKET  - Be carrefoul with my jaket
PLS GIF ME THE HOMWORK  - Please give me the homework

divendres, 19 d’abril de 2013

mobile phone modals


We always use phone to call and send text to a friends
We often use phone to listen to music and watch videos.
We sometimes use phone to make videos with a video camera and take photos.
We rarely use phone to surf internet or play games
We often use phone to alarm clock or calendar


We must turn of the mobile in a cinema.
We mustn’t repeat the things loudly when the other person is talking to me and there are bad connection
We mustn’t interrupt one conversation while I’m talking to other person

Visions of the future

I think the future will be:
The cities will be more big and there are much skycrappers. But the houses won't desapear only there are less houses.
The transport will be more advanced and simples. The cars will be more tecnologics, the sciencist will invent the new tecnology for the cars can fly. And for transport equipments sciencist will invent a machine, for transport this equipments at the instant.
The sports won't disapear. The opposite there will invent more sports. but this sports, the players will be robots controlled by the peapole.

dissabte, 29 de desembre de 2012

my profile

my profile 

My name is Martí I have 14 years old my brithay is on December I live in Fornells de la Selva, Girona, Catalunya in Europe. I play hockey and i'm goalkeeper. My team of hockey is Girona C.H. I like so much draw and read comics marvel (capitan america, iron man, X men, etc.) MY marvel superhero favourite is wolverine.